Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I tell if I need my Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years. You may see a few signs that your ducts are in need of a cleaning such as, dirt trails coming from registers, which leaves residue on the flooring or walls. Homes with pet's, smokers, and occupants with allergies and asthma can greatly benefit from having your ducts cleaned. If you need to dust  frequently.

How can I tell if I need my dryer vent cleaned?

A common issue with a clogged dryer vent is laundry taking much longer to fully dry. Multiple drying cycles may need to be ran, or laundry finishing a cycle damp. Buildup of lint behind the dryer may occur. The vent on the exterior of the home may show signs of lint buildup.

What to expect

A typical home takes 2 people between 4-8 or more hours to clean the ducts. We treat your home to the best of our ability respecting all aspects of your home. Debris is removed from the home via a large vacuum tube in which it is collected outside. We use high pressure Air whips, along with mechanical rotating brushes to thoroughly clean the Air Ducts. Noise of power equipment should be expected. Clean up is performed once the job is done and it is left the same if not cleaner then prior to service being performed.

Do dirty ducts cause poor HVAC performance and efficiency?

Air ducts are dust and debris traps that can clog and impact the air flow of your entire HVAC System. A clean HVAC system will improve efficiency, and allows the furnace to operate at peak performance, while extending the life of the system.

Do we have insurance?

CrispAir Duct Cleaning is fully licensed and Insured as well as all employees are trained on how to use the equipment, and proper cleaning procedures of the duct system.